Can you trick yourself into liking exercise?

Published on Tue Feb 03 08:36:00 UTC 2009
Nicci Micco

I want to (and know I should) exercise more. I actually like to run—but I often go long stretches (weeks!) without running. I find all kinds of excuses to skip exercise: the baby didn’t sleep well, I’m too busy at work to break at lunch, I’m too hungry at dinner to run first. You know what I mean, life stuff.

When I get into these ruts, I try to remind myself that even President Obama makes time to exercise. But that sort of reasoning doesn’t really get me out the door on a run.

What does work for me? These are my 4 tricks to get myself to exercise more:

Exercise may never come naturally to me, but history tells me that I’ll never stop using little tricks and bribes to stay as active as possible.

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