Announcing LosingWell's First Photo Contest!

Published on January 24 2011 - 3:59 PM
One Egg Omelet
What's your favorite healthy meal? Don't tell us, show us! Enter our photo contest by uploading a picture of one (or more!) of your latest healthy creations to the LosingWell group gallery (which you can access on the main page of the LosingWell group in the right-hand column). Choose your favorites by clicking "recommend." We'll feature the photo with the most recommends on Recommending ends January 31st. Get your picture up now, so you have more time to get recommended. I've gotten the ball rolling by uploading one of my go-to healthy meals--a one egg omelet with veggies and whole grains (in this case, kale, tomatoes, and kasha). Now it's your turn.

Kerri-Ann Jennings is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University.