Sushi Master Bun Lai’s Sushi Recipes for the Future

Find out how Bun Lai makes healthy sushi that’s sustainable and affordable and how you can too.

Sushi for the Future

July/August 2012

By Lisa Gosselin

Sushi Master Bun Lai’s Sushi Recipes for the Future

More than a list of dishes, the menu is a vision statement on sustainability, channeling the nutty, brilliant, socially conscious, multicultural and often absurdly funny concepts that ricochet through Bun Lai’s brain. It starts like this:

“Cherokee Sumac Love Potion: Honey sweetened wild sumac sake, made from furry staghorn sumac... forage[d] from my friend’s farm.

“Dragon Lady: Victory drink of lesbian Chinese pirates of the South China Seas. Also popular with sorority girls everywhere!

“Ultraviolet Kisses: designed to taste like the has the same salinity as the South China Seas. Since the Industrial Revolution the oceans have seen a 30% increase of acidity due to human activity. To raise awareness of this alarming problem we have made Ultraviolet Kisses to have a pH of 8.179, the pre-industrial acidity level of the world’s oceans.”

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