Fresh Recipes from EatingWell’s Garden

Fresh spring recipes and inspiration came when we planted and cooked from our own garden.

First Harvest

March/April 2011

By Hilary Meyer

Fresh Recipes from EatingWell’s Garden

Late in February, I declared to my husband, Dan, that I was done with winter. I longed for the first tender leaves of spinach and lettuce and the satisfying “snap” of a spring pea, fresh from the vine. When I looked down at my dinner plate, those fresh spring vegetables were nowhere to be seen. I sighed and dug in.

The next day I vowed to transform those emotions into positive energy. I was testing recipes in the EatingWell Test Kitchen alongside Associate Editor Hilary Meyer when our conversation turned to gardening. We’re both aspiring gardeners but neither of us had the space for a garden at home. We were debating our options—CSAs, community gardens—when I realized that our solution was right outside the window.

EatingWell’s Vermont office is surrounded by lots of flat, open, agricultural land with plenty of sunlight. There was more than enough room to have a garden. A really amazing garden. I knew that if we worked hard, in a few months we’d soon be stepping out of the office in the evenings and “shopping” in the garden instead of heading to the grocery store. I could gather the freshest kale and onions to fill up tacos or snip fresh tarragon to season poached salmon. Heck, we might even save money too. For about $3, I could buy a bag of mesclun greens that would last us a meal or two—or plant a single packet of lettuce seeds that would keep us awash in salads for weeks.

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