13 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables and Herbs

Eat and enjoy these tasty vegetables and herbs from your kitchen garden.

Homegrown vegetables and herbs bring fresh flavors to summertime meals. Got a late start on your garden this year? Many of the following easy-to-grow varieties can be sown throughout the growing season. You can enjoy these herbs and vegetables freshly picked from the garden or cook them up using some of our recipes. Either way you know you'll be getting an abundance of nutrients to keep you happy and healthy. Click here for nutrition tips and growing information, plus mouthwatering recipes to use your fresh vegetables and herbs in.

If you want to grow these herbs and vegetables yourself, EatingWell and High Mowing Organic Seeds are offering seed collections of these easy-to-grow herbs and veggies. Click here to buy your seeds now so you can start growing and cooking!

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