A Week of Dinners for $50

A Week of Dinners for $50

Learn how to make a week of meals with one bag of groceries.

For the experts in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, grocery shopping is an art. These women love to spend time at the supermarket—and the secret to their success is that they go in with a plan. The plan is “What’s for dinner this week,” and its instrument is, of course, a well-crafted shopping list. And because they want me—and you—to succeed in the supermarket, they have planned a week of meals for us and written the shopping list. They assume that we have, at some point, managed to acquire olive oil, some spices and other useful pantry items that don’t need to be replenished this week. The things we do need to buy for this 5-meal plan all fit, amazingly, in one of-course-I-remembered-it canvas bag and won’t cost much more than $50. (Told you they were good.)

Download a FREE 1-Week Dinner Plan & Shopping List for a Week of Dinners for $50!

—Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor

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