What Is Kale?

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The Vogue Veggie

September/October 2011

What is Kale?

Lately, green bumper stickers have been popping up all over, proclaiming “Eat More Kale.” We were inclined to write them off as just another quirk of our hippie home state of Vermont, but then we chatted with their creator, the ponytailed and mustachioed designer Bo Muller-Moore. He accidentally created the trend when some friends asked him to whip up a few T-shirts for a local farmers’ market. Demand snowballed, and soon he was working full-time to fill orders from South Africa, Iraq and even Siberia. It turns out that kale is having a moment, with A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Hendricks and Alex Rodriguez all recently touting the vogue veggie.

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