How to Make Homemade Panini

Quick pressed sandwiches in minutes—no fancy equipment required.

July/August 2007

By Carolyn Malcoun

Easy Homemade Panini

Panini are hot! Hailing from Italy, these simple pressed sandwiches are generally found at Italian truck stops, airport food stands and bars, where you’ll often be presented with a variety of cold assembled sandwiches that are pressed to order. Now they’re making their mark in America. Restaurants devoted entirely to these delights have opened across the country. Even supermarket chains have jumped on the panini bandwagon, giving customers the option to have their sandwiches made into panini.

Nearly all kitchenware stores and catalogs now sell panini presses—they range from $25 to over $1,000). But if you’ve been wary of trying to make panini at home because you thought you needed to buy a panini press, think again. Our simple stovetop technique allows anyone to make panini—sans press. It’s an ideal summer meal: your stove is on for mere minutes. All you need are two skillets and four cans, and panini can be yours—no trip to Italy required.

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