EatingWell Taste Test: Chicken Sausage

Sausage Showdown: The EatingWell Test Kitchen picks healthy sausages that taste great

Sausage Showdown

January/February 2007

By EatingWell Editors

EatingWell Taste Test: Chicken Sausage

Precooked chicken sausage is truly convenient. Keep a package or two on hand to accompany Sunday morning pancake breakfasts or to sauté with some sliced peppers and onions for a quick weeknight dinner. We knew many chicken sausages were healthier than their pork counterparts, but were pleasantly surprised to discover how much healthier (see below). The chicken sausages have far fewer calories and less fat per serving, so we’re happy to recommend them and use them in recipes.

It was difficult to test this category, as there are many different manufacturers making myriad flavors. So we purchased as many sausages as we could find and tested them all. After a belly-filling tasting of 27 chicken sausages, it’s safe to say that each of us found a new favorite. Here’s what we thought about our Top 8 picks:

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