Grilling: The Ultimate Guide

Recipes and Tips for Fabulous Picnics, BBQs and Summer Entertaining

By EatingWell Editors

Grilling: The Ultimate Guide

It’s time to get grilling! Whether you’re a vegetarian, meat-lover or somewhere in between, EatingWell’s Ultimate Grilling Guide covers everything you need to know to become master of barbecue. Try one of our top grilling recipes, and get more ideas from our Healthy grilling recipes slideshows and collections, such as Quick Grilling Recipes and Grilled Chicken and BBQ Chicken Recipes. Don’t miss our grilling articles to learn how to roast on the grill or pair wine with grilled fare. Plus find more recipes for summer favorites: burgers, drinks, pies and more. We hope our grilling recipes, tips and articles will inspire you to cook on the grill often. So get outside and get grilling!

Our 13 Best Grilling Tips

  • Marinating & Grilling Chart
  • 7 Tips for Foolproof Roasting on the Grill
  • 6 Easy Steps to Grilled Pizza
  • Using Wooden Skewers on the Grill
  • How to Turn Your Gas Grill Into a Smoker
  • How to Oil a Grill Rack
  • Make Grill Marks Like a Pro
  • How to Grill in a Fish Basket
  • More Grilling Tips

    Grilling Articles: