How to Add Wine to a Healthy Diet

How to Add Wine to a Healthy Diet

A Glass of Wine Helps You Savor a Meal

Eating too fast can lead to over-eating because you may not notice you're full until you've finished everything in front of you. The key to recognizing when you're full is to slow down your eating. There are many ways to do that, from chewing thoroughly to having several small courses during a meal instead of one big one, but adding a glass of wine to your meal might help as well.

I’m not suggesting you add wine for wine’s sake, as something simply to wash down your meal. Instead, add a glass of wine and take the time to learn about the wine throughout the meal. Taste it, consider it and learn how it works with your meal, and you might just add enough time to let your belly’s mind tell your brain to stop eating before you’re stuffed.

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