Quiz: Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Answer these questions to see how your vitamin D status stacks up.

Are You Getting Enough D?

July/August 2007

By EatingWell Editors

Answer the following questions and tally up your score for a rough estimate of how your vitamin D status stacks up.

1. What is your age?
a. __ Over 50
b. __ Under 50

2. Describe your complexion:
a. __ Dark-skinned
b. __ Medium tone
c. __ Fair-skinned

3. How much milk do you drink each day (including vitamin D-fortified soy “milk”)?
a. __ Never drink milk
b. __ 1 (8-ounce) glass
c. __ 2 glasses
d. __ 3+ glasses

4. Do you take a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains vitamin D?
a. __ No
b. __ Yes

5. How often do you eat or drink other vitamin-D fortified foods besides milk (orange juice, cereals, etc.)?
a. __ Never
b. __ 1-2 times/week
c. __ 3-6 times/week
d. __ Daily

6. Imagine that a line runs across the U.S. along 40 degrees latitude north, roughly passing through the cities of Modesto, CA; Reno, NV; Denver, CO; Columbus, OH; and Philadelphia, PA. Where do you live in relation to this line?
a. __ North of the line
b. __ Right on the line
c. __ South of the line

7. How long do you spend outdoors, on average, most days?
a. __ Under 30 min.
b. __ 30 min. to 1 hour
c. __ Over 1 hour

8. Describe your sunscreen habits:
a. __ Always wear sunscreen before going outside
b. __ Always wear sunscreen, but apply it after 5-15 minutes of sun exposure
c. __ Wear sunscreen only in summer months
d. __ Wear sunscreen occasionally or never

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