Celebrate Your Weight-Loss Success

The EatingWell Diet (2007)

By Dr. Jean Harvey, Ph.D., R.D.

Celebrate Your Weight-Loss Success

However far you’ve come on your weight-loss journey, you have plenty to celebrate. Just making one behavioral change takes lots of work and planning, and you’ve tackled many. You’ve made plans and put them into action—and anticipated and planned for the inevitable, occasional setback. You’ve already shown that you have what it takes to maintain this new, healthier lifestyle you’ve chosen for yourself.

And, while you might be nervous that you’re going to become one of those many people who regains the lost weight in short order, there are plenty of reasons why you won’t go that way. Here are just a few:

You’ve done your homework. You’ve assessed whether you’re ready for change, and set realistic short- and long-term goals for yourself.

You’ve mastered the essential tools that successful weight losers rely on. Self-tracking your eating and activity patterns, and weighing yourself regularly will keep you on track for life.

You’ve become someone who eats less and moves more. And along the way, you’ve learned lifelong skills for shopping, cooking and ordering healthy meals and for building and supporting a regular exercise habit.

You’ve become a problem solver. You’ve figured out how to keep your eating and exercise goals in sight, despite the unexpected. You’ve made fall-back plans and default restaurant menu orders, and even learned how to handle saboteurs.

You’ve learned how to identify problem behaviors and negative thinking, and replace them with healthy attitudes and habits.

You know where to turn for support. You’ve identified the people and resources in your life that you can call on whenever you need information, direction, inspiration or just a listening ear.

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