Step 7. Have a Long-Term Plan

The EatingWell Diet (2007)

By Dr. Jean Harvey, Ph.D., R.D.

Step 7. Have a Long-Term Plan As you reach your weight-loss goals, you’re ready for the final step: creating a long-term strategy that will help your successes stick. You’ve come a long way—but know that you will have lapses. Everyone does! The key is to get back on track quickly, and move on. Use our Long-Term Success Plan Worksheet (click to download pdf) to help you anticipate and plan for setbacks. Revise it regularly.

Learn to recognize the lapse-relapse-collapse cycle—and nip a lapse in the bud before it derails your weight-loss plans.Try designating a “red-flag” weight – say, 3 to 5 pounds above your idea weight goal. If you see that weight on the scale, consider it a signal that you need to act immediately. See our Back on Track Worksheet (click to download pdf) for ideas.

How To Stop A Binge:

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

1) Am I truly hungry? If you’re not, wait 20 minutes and ask yourself again.

2) Has it been more than 3 hours since I last ate? (If not, it’s probably emotional, not physical hunger)

3) Can a small snack, like a handful of grapes and a few peanuts, tide me over until the next meal?