Gluten-Free Diet Recipes, Menus and Tips

If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, there are a variety of foods you can eat, even though following a gluten-free diet means giving up many grains, pastas, cereals and processed foods. EatingWell’s gluten-free recipe collection showcases ingredients that are naturally free of gluten, such as meat, fish, rice, fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty grain and starch alternatives to wheat and other sources of gluten. Our nutritionists have verified that these recipes do not include gluten-containing ingredients. However, many processed foods, such as broths, soy sauce and other condiments, may contain hidden sources of gluten. If a recipe calls for a packaged (e.g., canned) ingredient, we recommend that you carefully read the label to be sure it does not contain a hidden source of gluten.

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