Healthy Eating for Kids Recipes and Menus

Give your kids what they want to eat--yummy recipes that will have them running to the dinner table! We’ve included kid favorites like chicken fingers, tuna melts, and good old no-bake mac & cheese, but we’ve made them delicious and much healthier! Teaching kids to eat healthy foods at a young age will help them develop healthy eating patterns for life, so we’ve included kid-friendly recipes with a variety of vegetables, using proteins that are naturally lower in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. These delicious kid-friendly recipes will help your kids learn to love whole grains (most kids should be eating at least 6 ounces a day!). And don’t forget calcium-rich recipes to build strong bones. This collection of healthy kid-friendly recipes gets high marks from kids of all ages and is designed to make meal planning easier. We think your whole family will love them!

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