Healthy Low-Calorie Recipes and Menus

According to recent data, Americans have reduced their fat intake from 41 to 34 percent of calories since the 1950s. However, our total calorie intake has actually increased, contributing to rising levels of obesity and its associated risks. Staying physically active, keeping portion sizes under control and selecting a good balance of foods that are naturally low in fat are a few ways to control calorie intake. Although we can’t help you get to the gym, we can give you some ideas for easy and delicious recipes that are lower in calories—350 calories or less for main dishes and 250 calories or less for side dishes and desserts. Feel free to mix and match and enjoy the feeling of being on the road to better health.

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Low-Calorie Main-Dish Recipes

Low-Calorie Side-Dish Recipes

Low-Calorie Dessert Recipes