Healthy Pizza Recipes and Cooking Tips

Think pizza can’t be part of a healthy diet? Well think again! It is possible to have a healthy pizza recipe that is both low in saturated fat and loaded with veggies—and even fruit! Boost the fiber content of your healthy pizza recipes by 50% simply by using whole-wheat pizza dough, which is widely available in supermarkets (check the label and avoid those that contain trans fats). Or make our Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough, which comes together in a snap. Substituting low-fat mozzarella for regular cheese lowers saturated fat and cholesterol. Then pile on the veggies for extra fiber and nutrients. And don’t forget the fruit—pears, apples and pineapple make great toppings too! Make it pizza night tonight with these healthy pizza recipes.

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How to Make Healthy Pizza At Home

Healthy Pizza Recipes

How to Make Healthy Pizza At Home

Healthy Pizza Dough Recipes