Healthy Vegetarian Recipes and Menus

Whether you’re a vegetarian or looking to eat more meat-free meals for better health, these easy vegetarian recipes are a delicious way to incorporate more vegetables, beans and whole grains into your diet. More and more, people are realizing that going meatless even once or twice a week can have real health benefits, including weight loss and reduced risk for heart disease. Why? Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, beans and lentils, are low in saturated fat and full of fiber, which helps you feel satisfied on fewer calories. (Most Americans eat only about half the 25 to 38 grams of fiber that’s recommended each day.) Plus, when you plan more vegetarian dinners you’ll save on grocery bills and reduce your carbon footprint: the worldwide meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of manmade greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the United Nations. Eating more simple vegetarian meals will help you save money too. These delicious vegetarian recipes showcase some of the staples of vegetarian cuisine and provide tasty culinary inspiration and cooking tips for every vegetable lover.

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How to Eat a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes