Healthy Passover Recipes and Menus

The Passover meal, or Seder, is both a joyous and solemn occasion and the food evokes so many childhood memories for Jews the world over. Make your special meal light and healthful as well with some of EatingWell’s Passover recipes. Whether you choose to serve a traditional brisket cooked with root vegetables or go a more contemporary route with Salmon Cakes, a light hand with fats and salt and a deft touch with seasonings can keep your meal flavorful and satisfying. Serve seasonal and easy side dishes, such as Endive & Watercress Salad or Roasted Asparagus. And for dessert, a Flourless Sponge Cake speaks to tradition, while a delicious Haroset Cake with Zabaglione Sauce or Israeli Chocolate-Coated Orange Peels gives the meal a more exotic finale. The Passover meal is full of symbolic foods—bitter herbs, unleavened bread, cups of wine—used to enliven the narration of the ceremony. As Jewish cooking authority Jayne Cohen has written, “Because most of these foods are consumed, we actually taste the experience and ensure it will become a part of us.” These dishes will help make your Seder a memorable gathering for family and friends this Passover.

Healthy Passover Main Dish Recipes

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